The New Way to Process Analyst. Software. Technical QC.

Logic Software Limited one of the Leading Software Company in Bangladesh which is started development from the very beginning of 2008 but legally formed end of 2011. The Company has five layer of expertise like Business Process Analyst, Software Development, Technical QC Team, Business QC Team, Implementation. All the team members are equipped with related academic qualification and vast experience form different organization. Although we are specialized in RMG & Textile sectors but we also capable to do any kind of project.

Who We Are

Our prime objective is to provide data to the management so that they can see the picture in long run and take decision to achieve maximum benefit. We are contributing to national socio-economy creating employment in textile & RMG sector by enhancing its management capacity. We also provide consultancy service besides software solution to optimize business process creating surplus.

Our target is to occupy 60% market share by next five years with customers’ satisfaction ensuring good quality. So that all the employee of logicsoftbd become delighted and can maintain their living standard at higher level in the society. Stakeholders will have all the related information in single page to monitor perfectly in right time and also can get result more than their expectations.

Why We Are Best

Logic Software Limited was established in 2008, but company lunched this product in the market in 2011. Mr. K.B Mamoor is Managing Director of Logic soft and also an Executive Director of Asrotex Group of which core business is to manufacture textile and garments. While he tried to re-engineer the business process but frequently got the track out due to lack of sufficient correct information timely because everything was recorded in paper. As a result optimum utilization of resources cannot be ensured to achieve the common goal.

Then Mr. Mamoor tried to implement one of the renowned foreign ERP solutions to overcome from above limitations but the ERP solution didn't cover the policies and practices applied in Bangladesh context. Even a locally developed ERP solution didn't cover all the functionalities perfectly because they do not belong to the business operation. It's very difficult to perceive and develop software just hearing from others. After that Mr. Mamoor started developing ERP solution named "Platform ERP" with few local programmers in February 2008. Initially the solution has been implemented in Asrotex ltd taking guidance of CEO. The solution, as a tools, increases monitoring capability providing all key information in a single page. As a result their export capacity increases double in 2009 and stop fighting each other to get information.

Fariha Knit Ware and Asrotex other two concerns of the group have got inspired and implemented Platform. Platform has established a pear pressure to super sit each other by handling maximum volume. Now the managing director of asrotex group is totally Relief from micro level execution, because he is now able to get all the information just in 1 click. The CEO of Asrotex Limited & Fariha they are really happy to use this solution. Then Mr. Mamoor has formed Logic Software Limited to contribute RMG sector using "Platform ERP". His voice was, "as an Executive Director I know the pain of management people, I want to relief other management people in RMG sector ". Then our Logic software team survey other companies and found 99% same procedure that platform already covers.

Our History